My name is Buzz Ebner and I'm here to serve you......


What are the benefits, that folks like you, can get from working with me?


There are a great number of benefits in working with a trusted, local resource, when it comes to your senior planning.  As your trusted advisor, I make this promise to you. You will always get straight forward information, the best possible pricing, and outstanding service. You will also receive an unbiased opinion of companies and services that matter to you.


As a broker, I represent over 30+ companies with some of the highest ratings in the insurance industry.  You will always have peace of mind, knowing that the companies we discuss are safe, secure and strong.  This will also give you flexibility in what decisions are best for you.  You will get personalized information, as well as, side by side comparisons and reviews of other plans, and even against your current plan. This will ensure that you can see the benefits with your own eyes! The best part is that you get all of these advantages FOR FREE! There will never be an extra charge for my services, the price is the same as if you bought straight from the companies themselves. However, you get the attention and service of a personal representative!


Why pay more for the same product? Why get information that you don't need? And most importantly why settle for only one option? Together let's take a look at what works best for YOU!