Taking control of your future is critical in assuring you have a successful retirement.

We have received a lot of concern from our clients about their retirement security. Many of them are worried about outliving their savings and protecting what they have worked so hard to build. Two of the biggest concerns seniors face in protecting their retirements are FEES and RISK in their strategy.


FEES can have an enormous impact on your retirement security. Did you know that a 2% difference in fees over the lifetime of your investment can cut potential earnings nearly in half? (demonstrated in the videos below) Imagine what it would be like having twice the amount of money in retirement if you didn’t have so many fees. The problem many run into is not knowing what their hidden fees are. That is where your fees can really add up. Do you know how much you are really paying in fees? In a recent article from Forbes they found the average taxable account has an estimated 4.17% in fees!


RISK is something many retirees would like to avoid. They have grown their accounts over a lifetime of working and want to hold onto that hard-earned money more now than ever. How to avoid risk is one the most common questions we get. Let's ask a quick question. In 2008 when the Stock Market crashed, did you lose any money in your investments or retirement accounts? If you are like the majority of the country, you answered yes to that question.


What would it feel like to know you are protected from having another catastrophic event erode years of your hard-earned savings?

Allow us 20 minutes to review your accounts with you. We can show you the strategies and insights that not only protected our clients, it helped them grow too.